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Most of our long time customers and business associates know that our husband and father, Ralph Wells, passed away in January of this year. We have received countless cards and calls. His loss touches us in so many ways. He loved his business and helping so many people with their spiral needs.

Steve Wells, Ralph’s son, is working tirelessly on nights and weekends doing all the things that need to be done. We are very very lucky to have great employees who answer the phones, take orders and create wonderful spirals and other things that everyone orders. Ed and Ray have taken on additional job responsibilities graciously. They have been with us for a combined 62 years and we are lucky to have them.

We also share with you, as Ralph would never have, that our small business is involved in a class action lawsuit dating back from 2012. Unfortunately, Ralph may have sent a fax to an architectural firm in Frankfort, IL, one of his NARI partners.  The architectural firm, Richard Wade Architects, located in Frankfort, Illinois, has filed a class action suit against Wells Spirals, as well as other claims against our mother, Dee Wells (she’s 83). There is a penalty of $500-1500 for this single fax. However, the law firm is seeking sizable legal costs for its work in connection with this class action lawsuit, even though only one fax has been identified from one company, Richard Wade Architects Inc.  Ralph had tried to call the architectural firm to settle or dismiss the case but they directed him to their law firm. The law firm specializes in class action lawsuits and they do a lot of lawsuits in this area and collect significant awards.


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